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  • HSys Electronic Billing Software for Medicaid: SITE LICENSE
  • • Installation & Setup
  • • Import of All Your Existing Clients, ICD9/ICD10 Diagnosis Codes, and CPT Procedure Codes
  • • Unlimited Workstation Licenses
  • • Unlimited Staff Training
  • • Unlimited Technical Support
  • • Unlimited Software Updates
  • • Unlimited Billing Centers
  • • Unlimited Users
  • • Unlimited Clients
  • • Unlimited Transactions
  • • Unlimited Providers
  • • Unlimited ICD9/ICD10 Diagnosis Codes
  • • Unlimited CPT Procedure Codes
  • • Unlimited HIPAA 837i (Institutional) Claims
  • • Unlimited HIPAA 837p (Professional) Claims
  • • Automatic HIPAA 835 Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Processing & Posting of Payments and Denials
  • • Unlimited HIPAA 270 Batch Eligibility Requests
  • • Automatic HIPAA 271 Batch Eligibility Response Imports
  • • Integration & Automatic Import of Service Data with L.A.S.T. Software
  • • Ability to Integrate With Other Software Applications, Generate Excel Spreadsheets, Import/Export Data, & Create Custom Reports
  • • Ensured Continual Compliance (HIPAA, Medicaid, MCOs, Molina, Unisys, DHH, CMS, Microsoft Windows, etc.)

After your purchase, we will install the software for you, import all your existing client information, diagnosis codes, and procedure codes, and help you set up your company and user information. This entire process takes less than 30 minutes, and then you can begin billing with HSys immediately. We offer unlimited training and technical support, and we will walk you through your first few billing cycles and payment processing cycles, helping you each step of the way. HSys is very simple to use, but we will stick with you to ensure that you are 100% comfortable and familiar with its operation. From then on, you have unlimited access to continual support, whenever you need it.

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